Our First Home Nominated for Film and TV Series Awards in Dublin, Ireland

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For the Original Series Award, our very own ‘Our First Home” has been nominated in this section. The series is about three families who surrender everything to make their children understand how to run properties. Unknown to the parents, the children are in charge of running the properties already. Read on to find out more about this.

The Films and TV Series Awards is an event coming up soon at some point in the future. The date for the event has not been set due to the travel restrictions internationally. 2020 has been a year filled with uncertainties and this includes the date for the event because of the Covid – 19 out break.

The venue for the event has been announced though. It will be taking place at the Conference and Events venue in the Mansion HouseDublinIreland. The date will be later announced when it is certain. This nomination is a huge progression for the cast and crew of the series.

Other TV Series Competing for Awards

competing tv series

The event has different categories of awards for films and series. It also has categories of awards for actors and actresses in different films and TV series.

For the Films and TV Series Awards, there are other known series competing for the awards too. Here are some nominated series:

Game of Thrones

This series is about seven kingdoms each fighting for dominance of the others and personal interest. They later unite to fight the real enemies, the walking dead.

The Walking Dead

This is about people who survived a zombie apocalypse and are looking for a safe and protected home to stay.

House of Cards

It is about a Secretary of State who, with his spouse, act vengefully on those who betrayed him while rising to the position.

Breaking Bad

The series is about a sick teacher who goes into making drugs to pay his medical bills. He then changes perception when he partners with a person.

The Boys

It is about powerless boys who work on exposing the terrible secrets of a company that manages superheroes misusing superpowers.

Cobra Kai

This is about a karate professional that reopens a dojo to seek redemption. This action sparks up one of his old rivals.


It is about a young mental facility nurse. She is bitter and then turns this on her patients negatively.

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