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“Parents will do anything for their children,” this is saying that has proven to be true on many fronts. This is the case of kiwi families participating in a reality show. The show involves parents preparing their children’s first home and was the official website for the show.

This is the website that keeps people abreast of updates of the show as they occur. During the course of this article, we will be talking about the website, highlighting the various sections or web pages. This will help you understand the function of the website better.


This is a reality show consisting of three families. They were the Wardlarws, the Screuders and the Gourleys. These three families all have their unique characteristics and challenges. Some of them have never lived together under one roof.

The race is more than just “who will get their dream house.” It is also an opportunity for the families to withstand challenges and grow together as a family. The website gives you details about the various families. This will help you understand episodes of the series better.


The show entails the parents of the various families giving their children the gift of their first home. This implies that the show includes lots of buildings.

The website helped you keep up with the changes as they happened. It provided you with changes regarding each family as they occurred. You get to see the changes and compare them in the “before and after” image section.


The Episode section of the website gives you detailed information of the weekly happenings in the show.

While the scoreboard provides you with the outcomes, the episode section gives you details of what went down and how it all happened.


This show involves more than the families mentioned so far. The website gave other individuals the chance to get in on the action. There is a game outside the show that allowed people to win prizes worth as much as $6,000 from brands such as BNZ, Fly Buys, and Toyota.

To win, you had to download the app or play online. There are two modes: property mode and my home mode. You have to complete the property mode before you can play my home mode.

In the property mode, you had the opportunity to renovate different homes and auction them for sale. The aim of this mode is to help you build enough money for the my home mode. The latter is also a part of the game not a real life happening. You get the opportunity to build an in-game dream home and win various prices.


You can consider this as the news or blog section of the website. This is where you can find related information.

Latest is the section of the website that contains photo galleries and up-to-date updates on the progress made by each family. It is also the section where you were provided with industry related topics such as tips on renovation and many more.


People tend to dub reality shows as fake and call it all sorts of names. This is not one of such reality shows. The website makes sure of that.

It gives reports and step-by-step progress on the show and how the families are faring so far. The scoreboard is similar to the leaderboard in regular games. It gave a week by week reports of how the various families performed in the various tasks of the different weeks. This way, it made the show very credible.


The show has strategic sponsors. These sponsors had products for every aspect of the renovation. They are actually the ones who cover the expenses of these renovations.

The website gives them their due credit in the partners’ section. It also promotes the various partners by highlighting the various products and services these sponsors produce or offer.


The show does not downplay the importance of social media. This was why it had multiple social media channels. It regularly posted updates on those channels to reach an even greater audience. This was not all, it included links to its social media posts. You can consider it to be the social media blog of the website.

This was a good way of helping web users access their social media posts directly from their website. Going through this piece, you will agree that the website was an important part of the show. It helps in promoting the show as well as its sponsors.

It also helps in increasing the involvement of the audience of the show by giving them a piece of the action.